Here's a summary of some of my open source projects. Please hang on a few seconds to let the info shields load. ⏳😊
rspec_skel A minimal RSpec skeleton
A minimal stand-alone Ruby project with a ready-to-use RSpec setup.
real-world-rspec Real-world RSpec
A collection of active, open source Rails apps and Ruby libraries with extensive RSpec coverage.
rspec_magic A little bit of magic for RSpec tests
A set of extensions for writing compact and expressive tests.
attr_magic The tools to ease lazy attribute implementation
A Ruby gem to program using a lot of lazy attributes.
Tunkit The SSH tunnel kit
A set of scripts to create and manage SSH-based tunnels.
Procdown Procedural Markdown
Compose and maintain multi-page Markdown documents with ease.
neverbounce-api Official NeverBounce API in Ruby
NeverBounce is a mass e-mail validation service.
ori Object-oriented ri for IRB console
Bringing ri documentation right to your Ruby IRB console in a simple, consistent and truly object-oriented way.
rails_dt Rails debug toolkit
A dedicated debug message printer with the proper ideas behind it.
handles_sortable_columns Sortable table columns
A simple yet flexible Rails gem to quickly add sortable table columns to your controller and views.
smart_tuple A simple yet smart SQL conditions builder
Build WHERE-like statements of unlimited complexity out of smaller ones.
smart_hash A smarter alternative to OpenStruct
Yet another open container implementation.
neverbounce-cli Official NeverBounce CLI in Ruby
NeverBounce is a mass e-mail validation service.
rspec_include_dir_context Shared context hierarchy management solution
Organize RSpec shared contexts across the whole test corpus in a simple, manageable and scalable way.
bundler-gemlocal Local Gemfile solution that works
Let individual developers have their own custom Gemfile in addition to project-wide Gemfile.
count_struct The Struct for counting
Make cat and dog counting great again.
gopee A dedicated debug message printer
Print debug messages and variable contents in Golang with ease.
git-sandbox Git sandbox
A tool to conduct Git experiments acting as several developers at once, do it fast and with minimal effort.
wt The Working Template paradigm
A Ruby paradigm to help implement, share and maintain complex CLI scripts with ease.
naming Collections of distinct words for generating name diversity
Generate quality distinctnames for miscellaneous programming and information exchange tasks.
subs A lightweight alternative to Ruby gems
An experimental solution to reuse and share portions of code which just “aren't enough” for a gem.
modular-irbrc Modular `.irbrc` to load features dynamically
Load features dynamically into Ruby IRB in a simple, flexible and manageable way.