Hey, I’m Alex, Ruby/TypeScript developer with extensive team management skills.

I specialize in helping businesses develop Web/mobile applications focusing on quality, long-term success and solid team backing. Starting a new project or boosting an existing one — I can help you both ways.

My preferred tech stack is:

  • Backend: Ruby (Ruby-on-Rails), TypeScript (NestJS, Deno, Node.js), Rust;
  • Frontend/UI: Angular, Tailwind, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript;
  • DB: PostgreSQL (PostGIS), MySQL;
  • Cloud servers: AWS, Linode;
  • Data science: R.

Besides Web, I’ve got 20+ years overall programming experience, including, but not limited to: open source, development tools, data analysis, libraries, networking, games, graphics. I do a lot of hobby programming just for the fun of it. Being an enthusiastic hacker is a great way of living.

My other nature is to guide, to mentor. If there’s a choice to command or to explain, I always go for explaining since such contribution has considerably higher team value. The truth is almost everyone who I ever worked with learned a lot from me.


I strive to develop solutions which are solid, long-term, clean, well-documented, maintainable, resilient.


If any of these statements sound familiar to you, I can probably be of some help to you:

💬We’ve had tough experience with cheap “devs” in our previous project. This time we want it different.

💬Every time a developer leaves, the new one spends weeks exploring the code. We need someone to take care of connecting new team members smoothly.

💬Our developers don’t pay enough attention to writing tests. Always an excuse for doing it “later”!

💬Our developers write decent code, but fail to document things, even for their own use. We want more awareness and shared vision in our team.

💬Our developers keep arguing over Windows/Linux/Mac formats and preferences. We want someone with authority to deal with it.

Thank you for reading this far. If you find this interesting, let’s talk. Cheers!